Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

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Big Mama or rather White Beauty :-*

O.k. guys, my English is rusty but to keep it ... up to date, I will try my best !-)
Abbl - thanks for your comment six months ago! I haven't forgotten about it, I just still haven't got an answer for it :-D But to reassure all those who worried about me finishing uni without a degree - in January, I was able to validate the Bachelor I had accomplished in 2007 in Bayonne. It was quite an adminstrative hassel but I guess, it was worth it...
I still don't know where I am heading to, but I will keep you informed. (Check the blog again in six months!)
Otherwise, everybody is great. Ankie has stopped working last week and we are still busy arranging our flat in which we're living since September.
Charlie is starting to say words, now. The only German one by the way is "Popo", probably because it's me who's always washing it after the big "Caca". He is finally "trocken" now which makes life much easier. More time to enjoy the Bärchen making his way.
Some of you guys would maybe come and visit us and are hesitant about time and ocasion. Martin asked if I could imagine redoing the Loire-by-Kayak. Yes, I could. If there are enough who would like to do it. To give you an idea, with whom you could organise your trip to beautiful Angers, here is the list of those who would want to see us in the months to come:
Joy and Kari, Martin, Peter, Frank W., Knut & Freundin. Mein Bruder Stephan und Freundin Anja kommen sicherlich Anfang Juli, und im August sind wir wahrscheinlich in Deutschland. Arbeit habe ich, wie gesagt noch nicht, aber man soll den Teufel nicht mit Wallnüssen locken. Ooohps, am I doch glad in German abgerootscht.
I have to admit, it is much harder to express myself in English than it once used to be. (I already found that out in a job interview the other day when I had to speak it ;-(
Take care, your Putsis :-****
P.S.: Soon to come: New unpublished photos on "Go with the Flo". He will turn 3 on May 12th and this is the day of the "sport gay rate". The final auction (in the real world) will probably be in August in good old Deutschland :-)


Auf dem Weg nach Perpignan halten wir früh um 8 Uhr kurz in Carcassonne an, um die Burg zu besichtigen, nach der das Strategiespiel benannt ...